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A dream house for your vest pocket

Thursday, August 10th, 2017 at 10:25am Engel & Völkers Naples

A dream house for your vest pocket

What are you dreaming of today? With Coodo, even the most extraordinary of places are within easy reach. The mobile lofts only have minimum space and connection requirements. Mark Dare Schmiedel plans to make them completely autonomous.




How did the idea originate to introduce a mobile living space to the market? Mark Dare Schmiedel: The Coodo idea is based on personal observations and conversations with friends and acquaintances about what a modern dacha could look like today. Many city dwellers take to the idea of a weekend retreat far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, a temporary home in nature to relax and unwind. But with all the modern-day comforts.

If you look at the Coodo design, you will see that it looks completely different to a simple hut. My concept was pretty clear right from the start. After extensive research, I found a design in Slovenia that more or less matched my ideal. We call it retro-futuristic. Today’s version of Coodo is a perfect symbiosis of design and sustainability.

The outward appearance is very harmonious. It is very important to me that Coodo blends in well with nature and surroundings. This is achieved by its rounded form and the various available sizes. Users are, of course, delighted about the large glass front. The interior and exterior connect, and the surroundings become part of the living space.

Using Coodo only on weekends is almost a shame, don’t you think? Mark Dare Schmiedel: Well, our house elements can be used in many different ways, for example for temporary private use. But we also have customers who use the Coodo as permanent residence. Sleeping area, kitchen and washroom – there are different designs catering for all the different requirements. There is a high level of interest among professional leisure service providers. Coodo can, for example, be used in tourist resorts, both for events and for accommodating guests.

How difficult is it to set up and install? Mark Dare Schmiedel: A low-loader can even transport the Coodo to very unusual places. Often, more favourable conditions apply for mobile homes than for permanent homes. All you really need is a suitable piece of land to set up the mobile loft. Many unusual places spring to mind. We are currently working on a version that is completely autonomous. Electricity is supplied by solar cells and a connected battery. Rainwater is purified for use. This allows you to settle in even the remotest of regions.

There are unlimited possibilities for use“, says Coodo CEO Mark Dare Schmiedel. The sleek design blends into any environment. The large glass front lets the surrounding nature become part of your living space and it is as venue for events in snow-covered mountains or a personal retreat in the desert – the robust steel and wood design permits use in many different environments.


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