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Buying a home can feel a lot like falling in love!

Monday, April 25th, 2016 at 9:10pm Shannon Brooks

Buying a home can feel a lot like falling in love.

Most of us can remember what it was like to find the “one” and fall in love.   This can be the same emotional roller coaster you will experience when buying a home. You start out seeking a mate. In real estate buying lingo, we call this, going on a few showings. You meet a few homes that seem nice and they charm you.  They seem to have good integrity and have a solid foundation for you to build a life upon. But they just don’t feel right. Then all of the sudden out of nowhere, you meet the “ONE”.   It’s gorgeous; you picture your future kids there, so many happy memories to come and that large yard… I mean, WOW!  You can’t wait to tell your friends and family!! In the beginning it’s magical. Then you have your first big fight. It’s called inspection! How could the love of your life be so rude and broken?  Had you known it had so many issues you might have reconsidered moving forward in the first place.   But then you seek counseling in the form of a general contractor.  Everything that once seemed so broken and un-repairable has become fixed and you decide that you can live with a few flaws.  I mean no one is perfect, right? You meet the family, Appraisal, Title processor, and Under Writing.  Things are moving along nicely with only a few minor family disagreements. Just as you are starting to wonder if the financial criteria you set for a long happy life together are in place. Your lender reassures you that you will both be just fine.  Just when you begin to think the home is taking forever, the question gets popped. Will you go to closing with me? As you move through to closing, you realize that you are in the clear to close.  You do one last dress rehearsal at final walk through before the big day. The big closing day has finally arrived. A few tears are shed, but mostly everyone is beaming with excitement and joy.  As the keys are slid across the table, you honestly believe that you will never love this home more than you do today.  You vow to love it forever. Until 7 years later, your best friend calls and suggests you meet the new house eight miles away…  And you find yourself on the phone with your Realtor secretly scheduling a showing.

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