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Daily habits in the life of a successful real estate agent

Monday, May 22nd, 2017 at 5:25pm Engel & Völkers Naples

“Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.” (Arnold H. Glasow, American humourist)

Applying these principles on the real estate industry means that becoming a successful real estate agent depends on determination and the repetition of good habits. With this in mind, we provide you with some practical tips and insights from our Engel & Völkers real estate experts to start you off on your journey in real estate.

Daily habits in the life of a successful real estate agent

Plan your day

There are plenty of real estate agent tips to follow, but planning is, arguably, the most vital. Create a monthly schedule and set your goals before breaking these down week by week and then day by day. Draw up your daily task list at the beginning of the morning or at the end of the previous afternoon. Divide your time and ensure each minute counts. If what you believed were fail-safe success principles aren’t working for you, cull them from your plan immediately.

Francesco D’Elia, Premium Agent from the Engel & Völkers Metropolitan Market Center Roma emphasises: “To follow my daily agenda is fundamental! Because working as a real estate agent requires to follow specific activities day by day.“

Close out distractions

A successful real estate agent is 100% focused. Plenty work from home, but if you know this will lead to procrastination, find a space where you can work effectively or join a firm like Engel & Völkers with modern offices.

Paloma Infante, experienced real estate agent and nowdays team leader from the Engel & Völkers Metropolitan Market Center Barcelona knows how to resist distractions successfully: “Don’t get distracted by checking your email every 5 minutes. We tend to do that and it is totally unproductive. Try to stick to your agenda, and only deviate if something really important and urgent comes up”.

Francesco D’Elia adds to this: Even if there is a distraction, for example my mobile phone rings, when I’m about to meet potential clients in my market territory, I can make a note and call back later, because all all contacts are valuable. Both habits are important: To react spontaneously, but also to stick to your plan.”

Another general advice might be to carry two phones for your work and home life. This could be an excellent way of ensuring you stay distraction-free. Turn your personal mobile off during office hours and switch your business cell off when at home to maximise your relaxation time.

Invest in people

People are the foundation of a successful real estate agent’s business. After all, it’s people who will buy your properties, recommend you to others and tip you off about new leads.
It’s important, therefore, to invest time in your relationships, whether with members of your team or potential clients. For Francesco D’Elia “it is really important to work at the office. The team life helps me a lot to be focused on my activity and to be really proactive.”

Consider becoming involved in your local community, too. When people recognise that you take a genuine interest in your neighbourhood, they’re more likely to come to you for advice on moving home. Due to Francesco D’Elia a successful habit is “to take a note about the kind of feedback that you get from people. “

Similarly, you can translate everything of this into your online presence by building up trust with your audience and becoming their designated expert.

Settle on a niche

Choosing a specific area of the market to focus on can make you indispensable. A successful real estate agent will find a niche and ensure they become well versed on it. This will set you apart from your competition and can save time if you’re operating in a crowded market.

Review your work

A cornerstone in your success principles should be to regularly assess what you do. In the same way businesses complete end-of-project or quarterly reviews, you should also stop and take stock. Calculate how your investments have panned out, analyse mistakes or actions that didn’t supply a good return and check that every task you perform each day is worth your while. Don’t just focus on the negatives, however. Review what you’ve done particularly well so you can continue improving.

“It is important not to wait until the end of the month to see how are you doing. That way, you can set a plan B to counteract any deviations”, says Paloma Infante, real estate agent, from Engel & Völkers Barcelona.

According to Francesco D’Elia “the right way to verify whether your daily marketing activities are working out and you are targeting the right areas and properties, is to consider on a daily basis how many sellers contacts you have collected.”

Although it isn’t always easy, if you work these success principles into your habits and routine you can become a successful real estate agent. For more information on this, or on starting out in the real estate business with other passionated real estate agents, why not check our career page at Engel & Völkers?

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