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Dear Home Buyer: 5 Reasons You Need a Realtor

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 at 9:19am Engel & Völkers Baton Rouge

Even though the internet has provided plentiful resources for you to research and educate yourself on home buying, there simply is no substitute for an experienced real estate professional.

Unless you have the time and energy to make real estate shopping a part-time job, you will need an expert in the field to be your guide. And since the seller pays the agent for their work (not you, the buyer!), it is MORE than worth it to work with a real estate advisor! It is worth it to have an advocate negotiate for you, someone that will save you time and money, your most valuable resources.

Here's 5 benefits to working with a real estate advisor as a home buyer:

1. Find your perfect match.

When you share your desires and goals for a new home with an agent, they will have more knowledge of homes and neighborhoods to fit those needs than you could find out from an online search. For example, do you need a quiet space for a home office? Is a mother-in-law suite a huge bonus for your family? A human agent, rather than an online search, is always better at finding homes with these specific features. An agent won't waste your time looking at houses that don't match your criteria.

2. Have an advocate on your side.

While anyone can do the work to pull up comparable homes online and assess the value of a home, real estate agents have specific knowledge and insight about the market that can be valuable to you as a buyer. They will know if a home is overpriced or even underpriced. Plus, negotiations can be extremely stressful. If you lose your cool in these kind of situations (which is understandable as we are talking about your home, likely your largest investment) an agent will be able to stay calm and collected and do their job in a professional manner, while bringing YOUR best interests to the forefront of negotiations.

3. Find the best local inspectors and make repairs a breeze.

The hardest part of the home buying process may be requesting repairs and negotiating them. Sometimes this back-and-forth can actually make or break a deal. An agent will be able to see trouble spots in a home that you wouldn't see, and will know when a repair request is excessive or not. They will be able to read a situation and respond appropriately through navigating similar situations through years of experience in negotiations. They will also be able to recommend a great inspector for you and give you access to their network of professionals.

4. Ensure no unwanted surprises!

If you have plans for your home like operating a business out of it, building a backyard fence, or addition, a real estate agent will know if the property allows it according to zoning and codes. Also, they will be aware of expensive upgrades you may be looking at having to do to abide by the law (especially with older homes). Without a professional real estate agent's help, you may be faced with an unpleasant surprise! Similarly, when you get close to closing, all kinds of unexpected problems can come up. It's good to have a knowledgeable agent that can anticipate the unexpected and deal with unique challenges

5. Experience a smoother purchasing process.

The offers and counteroffers can produce an overwhelming amount of paperwork. In fact, this can add up to as much of 1-3 inches of paper in thickness! You need someone that knows what they're doing- someone that can pay attention to detail and make sure that every box is checked off and line is initialed in a timely manner. Even the smallest of mistakes could put you in court or cost you thousands of dollars. And while we all know that we should keep files ourselves, an agent will keep your information , as in some states licensed agents are required to keep full files of all documents for several years. If something in the future comes up and you have questions about your property, you can contact your agent as a resource.

Let's work together to find your next home!

Engel & Völkers advisors work to take the hassle out of home-buying. Give us a call at 225-218-0888 to find your next home!

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