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Get Better Sleep - Courtesy of your Home!

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 at 7:24pm Engel & Völkers Seattle Eastside

A long, undisturbed, night of sleep is so critical to maintaining good health. Now that the weather is cooling down, extra sleep will help boost your immune system to fight off those pesky colds. Experts suggest that the average adult should get a solid 8 hours per night, but many of us are scraping by on less. We came up with a few ways that your home can help you get in your beauty sleep!


Soothing Colors - Colors can be so powerful in setting a mood, so surround yourself with hues that are soothing! A few examples are light grey, lavender and ice blue. 

Big Bed - Bigger beds are better when sleeping with a partner because they offer each individual plenty of space. The way to test and see if the bed is big enough is to lay down next to your partner and fold your arms behind your head. If your elbows do not touch, its the right size! While you're at it, upgrade your mattress to something that is nice a supportive! Experts say to replace your mattress ever 5-7 years, especially if you aren't sleeping well. A good mattress is supposed to last 10 years. 

No TV - Banish the TV from your bedroom! To drift off quickly into dreamland, screens should be prohibited within 30 minutes of bedtime for kids & grown ups.  

Cellphone Dock - Keep your cellphone somewhere other than in the bedroom. Just like the tv, lights from your cellphone delay the production of sleep-inducing melatonin. Of course, if an alarm clock is required, try a cute vintage-style clock with bells on top! 

Blackout Window Coverings - The constant light and motion from outside can disturb a good night of sleep. Whether you prefer solid shutters or fabric curtains, consider blackout window coverings for bedrooms. 

Bathroom - Create a cozy bathroom atmosphere that will foster pre-sleep relaxation. Bathrooms can be functional and calming! Also, the National Sleep Foundation says that taking a hot bath and then going to sleep in a cool room will make you feel more sleepy. An ideal sleeping temperature is between 60-67 degrees.

Stick to a Schedule - This is especially important for when your bedroom has to double as your office space. Stick to set office hours so that the line between office time & relaxation time doesn't get blurry. For added separation, try a desk that folds into the wall out of sight. Furthermore, sticking to a regular routine can help sleep as well. Try setting a bedtime and not eating anything within a couple of hours of this bedtime.


Try integrating a few of these ideas into your home to create a space that is conductive to a great night of sleep. What have you implemented in your home to increase the cozy sleep factor? 



Engel & Völkers Seattle Eastside

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