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"Live Like You Were Dying"

Friday, September 2nd, 2016 at 9:03am Eric Utoft Eric Utoft Group

You must all be familiar with the coined phrase: “Live like you were dying”. Whether it’s via Tim Mcgraws infamous lyrics/an impulse self help book buy/or a friend…I’m sure you’ve heard it…but have you ever really tried it? The idea goes– you have a heightened sense of what is most valuable/important when faced with the thought it’s undoubtedly going to end. If we live our lives like it’s an endless shopping spree of opportunity, we give away the chance of seeing the reality of it all. Contrary to popular belief– it is rare and fragile. It does not come in the form of a promise but rather a gift.

And so dear friends, here is my gift to you…

Live free from regret. Envy. Anger. Live instead full of Love. Ambition. Positivity. See each day in a light of curiosity and childlike intrigue. STOP looking for your “wake up call” and WAKE UP ALREADY! 

Have a safe and happy weekend!

Eric Utoft

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