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Friday, July 1st, 2016 at 3:16pm Eric Utoft Eric Utoft Group


What is The American Dream? The authors of the United States’ Declaration of Independence identified it as a series of unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In my opinion, The American Dream can take many forms: opportunity, personal fulfillment, financial safety and a secure retirement. Home ownership is also a popular part of the definition.


Some say, that the American Dream has become the pursuit of material prosperity. That people work more hours to get bigger cars, fancier homes, but have less time to enjoy their prosperity. Others say that the American Dream is beyond the grasp of the working poor who must work two jobs to insure their family’s survival. Yet others look toward a new American Dream with less focus on financial gain and more emphasis on living a simple, fulfilling life.


However you define it, as we look ahead to the holiday weekend, I am reminded of this sentiment and it's meaning in today's real estate market. These days, the real value in home ownership is emotional, not financial. Today's home buyers are looking for something they can easily afford that reflects their personality and core values. A person's home is a direct expression of themself. As the coined phrase states, "Home is where the heart is". There is something permanant and extremely profound in owning a home. We are all territorial by nature and our home is where we feel rooted and safe.


Whether you are listing or buying a home, it's a personal and emotional experience. As your industry expert, I am here to guide you through this process both professionally and passionately.  Whatever your dream, let me help you find it! It's MY dream to assist families in finding the house that was meant for them. "There wouldn't be a sky full of stars, if we were all meant to wish on the same one".


Happy Independence Weekend!

Eric Utoft

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