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Renovatin' and Rentin'

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018 at 12:21pm

You don’t want to do this,” Jim shook his head as he adjusted his glasses and looked up at me from his book. “It’s really hard,” he continued, “usually I just end up scaring people like you away from this.”

The idea of owning rental property had always been a dream of mine, an investment I could make into my own. So I scheduled a time to meet with Jim, a massive property owner in Minneapolis who treated certain neighborhoods like they were a real life game of Monopoly. He may have scared off the others, but I wouldn’t be so easily swayed. In fact, in our initial meeting he strengthened my resolve to continue forward.

A few months later me, my brother and our spouses bought a small rambler in Saint Louis Park riddled with city required repairs. An inside joke later and Honey Brothers LLC was born. In 18 short months we have gathered 3 more properties in the same city and will be adding another in a few weeks. We have removed floors, added bathrooms, remodeled kitchens and demoed basements. I’ve shopvacced up sewer water from a main backup, patched a roof hole and practiced my mudding and taping. All in all it has been super hard, but incredibly rewarding. To see our hard work paid back with rents and moving on to new properties has been unlike anything I have done in life. To have a team with my brother and our wives has drawn us all closer. So as we venture into more grass cutting, finding tenants and remodeling, we grit our teeth and look for the next project. Beautifying a city we love, while creating a business that will last. Onward!

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