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Staying your lane. The power of working with a professional.

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017 at 1:28pm Ryan Pertile

Doors are not my thing. 

A while back I needed to put a new door in our home. I assessed the problem, purchased the tools, made a plan, and executed it over 3+ hours. 3+ HOURS! You can ask my wife, it was quire comical. Although I got it done, it wasn't the best use of my time or skills. 

The moral of the story: Stay in your lane. When you do, you're more prone to succeed, and succeed well. 

As a realtor, sometimes I get questions like: 

  • If you sold my home before it as on the market, what am I paying you for? 
  • Why shouldn't I just list & sell my house on my own? 
  • Where is the real value in selling a home in a "hot" market? 

These questions are fair, but much like my door hanging story, the answer lays in the results. On average, individuals who sell their homes with a realtor make 13% more on the sale of their house when compared to those who sold it on their own. Over the last many years I've created relationships, listed homes, negotiated prices, and developed a unique understanding of the housing market. 

This knowledge is invaluable to my clients. 

Now, I don't want to just toot my own horn. My goal is actually to say this: stay in your lane - in al things. Here are 3 reasons that this is important in real estate: 

  1. It'll save you money: Saving money has as much to do with opportunity cost as it does with return on investment. In real estate, like I said above, homes sold with a realtor average a 13% higher rate of return. 

  2. You'll save time: I shouldn't be handing doors; may you shouldn't be selling your home. In the time it takes to learn something, you could've hired a professional, executed the solution, and ultimately seen a higher ROI. Be careful of trying to do too much on your own, and wasting your time. 

  3. Realtors help you stand out: Connections and experience are ultimately my biggest value add to selling your home. With this in mind, I can help you stand out well. Whether it's negotiating the best bid, finding you an off market deal, or explaining the complex process of real estate transactions, I'll help you stand out. 

My passion is to help you find, purchase, expand, or sell your home, ultimately based on the needs of your family. I'm passionate about staying in my own lane. That's why you won't see me hanging any doors in the near future. 


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