Consider the man cave. Designed as a way to give a guy a much-needed respite from his fatherly, husbandly, and business-y duties, these special rooms of sanctuary date back, most likely, to the time when most of us actually lived in caves. But they've surged in popularity over the past couple of decades.

Now this masculine hideaway is almost a cliche. Set aside a room with a couple of couches. Buy the biggest TV your budget will allow. Fully stock the bar with your libation of choice. Voilà.


However, with Father's Day approaching, we wanted to explore beyond the slightly tired new norm. We set out to find the perfect oasis for just about every type of dad around.

Whether your pops is into sports, cigars, or cars, there's a cave on the market just waiting for him to make a well-worn dent on the couch. Or maybe it's you, dear reader, who are on the prowl for the ideal hideaway. Either way, here are seven cool man caves we've uncovered around the country, currently on the market. (Yes, most also have homes built around them.) All you need to do is crack a cold beverage and scroll on down...


For the high-stakes dad


490 Covington Cv, Alpharetta, GA
Price: $3,500,000
Cave cred: This clubby wood-paneled sanctum comes with a bar, seating area, and, most importantly, a separate card room to truly up the ante. If your dad likes to unwind with a few friendly wagers, this place is worth a roll of the dice.

Alpharetta, GA


For the stogie-loving dad

10385 Grande Vista Ct, Littleton, CO
Price: $3,450,000
Cave cred: There are plenty of folks out there who can't stand the smell of cigars. So when Dad wants to puff on a hand-rolled treat from Havana, he can retreat to this he-man haven complete with humidor. It comes with its own air filtration system, so the smell might not be that bad.

Littleton, CO



For the sports fanatic dad

1213 Grand Traverse Pkwy, Reunion, FL
Price: $3,300,000
Cave cred: A Florida mansion offers the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III. After RG3 signed with the Ravens, he put this Florida home up for sale. It features an amazing sports lounge with eight HDTVs mounted on the walls—enough screens to keep up with a full slate of football action.

Reunion, FL


For the competitive dad

180 Coach Rd, Northfield, IL
Price: $1,999,000
Cave cred: Even if he lacks the skills to excel, your dad will wind up a winner with this awesome hideaway. There's a pool table, foosball, table hockey, and air hockey all waiting for a challenger brave enough to enter this basement. After a spirited match, you can relax on one of the many comfy couches or pour a glass of pinot in the dedicated wine room.

Northfield, IL


For the beer-brewing dad

2019 NE 65th Ave, Portland, OR
Price: $679,900
Cave cred: This haven won't wow you with flat-screen TVs mounted everywhere, an arcade, or even plush couches—but what it does provide is certainly worthy of a toast. Down in the basement, you'll find a full brewer's kitchen ready for Dad to whip up an ideal IPA. Bottoms up!

Portland, OR


For the gearhead dad

741 Orchard Rd, Nipomo, CA
Price: $949,900
Cave cred: This home along California's Central Coast features a huge garage that's been converted into a refuge beyond compare. It's ideal for a dad who loves to tinker, but knows enough not to sully the garage's pristine floors.

Nipomo, CA


For the dad who doesn't mind being banished

1001 Massey Ct, Greenwood, IN
Price: $695,000
Cave cred: Of course, all man caves are designed as places where a dude can retreat from the rest of the family. In this Indiana version, a dad might never return to the main house. It features a sports bar, home theater, rec room, exercise room, and, most importantly, a room with a Murphy bed at the ready. Fold it out on those nights when you've been a bad, bad boy.

Greenwood, IN