The unique Hillsborough, CA, domed home known as the “Flintstone House" is back on the market for the reduced price of $3.2 million.

The hillside residence, with its purple and orange exterior visible from Interstate 280, is a local landmark. So much so that the listing agent will be giving only private showings.

“There’s so much public interest, just people who want to see the house,” says agent Judy Meuschke. “It really shows like an art gallery.”

The bumpy shapes were concocted by “spraying shotcrete onto steel rebar and mesh frames over inflated aeronautical balloons.”

Asked about the design inspiration, the agent says: “It was the '70s; they were free-spirited people. They thought it was interesting design.”

Living room
Living room

The current owner has also added to the visual interest.

“She has a very artful, whimsical eye," Meuschke says of the owner. "She has loved living in this house. For 20 years she collected artwork to furnish the house.”

The owner also made the decision about a decade ago to paint the exterior its current vibrant orange and purple hues. “She loves those colors,” Meuschke says, but not everyone did. The agent says the owner received plenty of commentary on the colors, for and against.

Remodeled kitchen
Remodeled kitchen

Inside, the home’s eye-popping look continues. The interior is fashioned out of stucco, and all the walls are curved. The kitchen, designed by Eugene Tsui, was remodeled in the original style of the house.

Lighted niches make way for a glass countertop with a diagonal metal spine. There’s also wood-cutout swinging doors, a cooktop, stainless-steel appliances, and a fiberglass sink. Despite the offbeat look, the kitchen is “very functional,” Meuschke says.

Conversation pit
Conversation pit

The swingin’ '70s are evident in the stylized conversation pit, with an amoeba-shaped window that looks out to Crystal Springs Reservoir. The 2,730-square-foot home, nestled into a hillside, has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a game room, and a loft space. “It’s very comfortable. It feels cozy but airy,” the agent says.

The Flintstone house made a splash when it hit the market for $4.2 million in September 2015. In 2016, there were two price reductions on the home, which was taken off the market over the holidays. It's been available since early January, and Meuschke says she’s already receiving interest. “It has to be the right mix of someone who can afford it and can appreciate the design.”

A little love for an animated prehistoric family couldn’t hurt either.

The 'Flintstone House' sold for $2,800,000. on 6/27/17